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President and CEO - Down and Dirty Sanchez

Welcome to Hail Mary Sportsbook

Ive spared no expense to create the best sportsbook ever. The results will speak for themselves.

D. Sanchez, President and CEO

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Welcome to the wide world of sports you can bet on at Hail Mary!:

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• Basketball - At Hail Mary you’ll get all the best in hoops. Unlike other sportsbooks who have all the lines on NBA and NCAA basketball, we specialize in WNBA action. We’d like to see them handicap that!

• Football - Everyone loves pigskins, but only the real football aficionado can appreciate the thrills of betting on the Canadian Football League. That’s action baby, and Hail Mary is your home for CFL action and more!

• Baseball - If it involves bats and balls we’ll almost always have some sort of betting option for you. But let’s be honest they play so many games its hard to keep track.

• Bowling - Hail Mary is the leading sportsbook for all your professional bowling tour, that’s the PBA for those in the know, odds. We’d like to see some other sportsbooks offer up this spare!

• Special Events - Hail Mary’s professional handicappers are on the cutting edge of sports gaming information allowing us to offer unique wagers on a wide variety of sports and non-sports. Look for such betting options as: the Air Guitar World Championships, Ping Pong Championships, Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, Celebrity Poker, Squash, Skeet Shooting, Bobsled, Luge, and much, much, much more.

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